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Beantown's house maestros Soul Clap take us through their hood

If you’ve been to any house club in the past couple years worth a damn then chances are you’ve boogied down to Soul Clap. Elyte (Eli Goldstein) and Cnyce (Charles Levine) first came together under the tutelage of seminal Boston Jedi DJ Caril Mitro of the late Vinyl Connection records (RIP), who taught his young padawans about all things music, schooling them that “house wears many hats” while instilling in them the sounds of New York, Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia (if you put a gun to their head, New York would get the nod). Unsatisfied with Boston’s pedestrian nightlife, Eli and Charles got together and started Midweek Techno on Wednesdays at Cambridge’s Phoenix Landing, which has grown to become the longest running techno weekly in Boston. Unfulfilled, they then began Dancing On the Charles, a truly epic summertime party on the banks of the Charles River considered one of URB magazine’s Top 6 Outdoor parties until it was shut down last summer due to, what else, political bullshit. In the meantime the duo dropped on 10″ yellow vinyl “The Giraffe”  (Airdrop Records), and since then have been delivering a steady diet of original 12″s and remixes (Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”, Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game”, Bobby Brown, et al.), all with unmistakable R&B-tinged shuffling grooves that touch on all their formal teachings (look out for their upcoming Action/Satisfaction EP on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels label, as well as their limited edition 10″ white vinyl second EP with Gadi Mizrahi on Double Standard). Simply put, while Soul Clap are controlling the decks, don’t expect any rest. When we caught them just a couple months back at Gabba in Hollywood they left the place a sweaty wreck, with the entire venue urging encore after encore until the bouncers got fed up and just started throwing people out. By now Soul Clap have thumped the dancefloors of London’s Ministry of Sound, Paradiso in Amsterdam, Avalon in Los Angeles, Rise in Boston, and smaller joints in New York, Baltimore, Washington DC, Miami, Dallas, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Chicago. Repping some serious love for their hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, we figured they’d be great hosts to curate the fourth installment of our Coordinates series, Coordinates: Boston. Take it away, gentlemen…


Soul Clap aka The Clap aka The Great White Hope

Currently living:




Favorite local hangout:

The Pit, The Slab, the corner of Huron and Lakeview, Satellite Records (RIP), Vinyl Connection (RIP), The Hideaway Pub (RIP), and of course 71 Aldie St.

Top 3 Restaurants for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Late Night:

Dunkin Donuts for breakfast, Bagel Rising in Allston for lunch and TW Food in Cambridge for a nice dinner

Soul Clap’s “Bobby”

SECT is Soul Clap collaborating with Tanner Ross (one-half  of Dirtybird’s Voodeux) and Sergio Santos – they all live in the same house together in Boston. Must be quite the after-hours lounge. SECT just dropped their first EP together (also named SECT) on Culprit, LA techno artist Droog’s label — the mix below contains all 4 songs. Enjoy!

SECT – Thieve $krilla, Hi-Fi All Around, SECTsy, Searching For Santos, Man Of Wisdom by Soul Clap

Hit the Jump to keep reading Soul Clap’s Coordinates: Boston, with tour dates and videos after the Jump…

I love my city because:

Nobody else does…

I hate my city because:

Where do we start…

Start at the top…

The biggest problem with Boston really is lack of cool venues. It’s also that it’s a really great city for family events and old culture, but does not support new arts and music whatsoever which is why everyone cool leaves.

The last thing I saw that made me shake my head in wonderment about my hometown is:

The Cambridge License Commission shutting down Dancing On The Charles (our summertime outdoor party). Thanks Richard Scali. Guess 3 years of paying for licenses and police details and raising money for veterans and the Charles River wasn’t enough. We ask you this? Who will dry the tears of the heartbroken? You’ve ruined summer. Like our city wasn’t already lame enough…NICE ONE!

The Pit in Cambridge’s Harvard Square, Ground Zero for Boston’s skaters, punks, homeless and borderline sociopaths

Favorite activity or place to kill time without spending any (or little) money:

Chilling with SECT at 71 Aldie St. or laying in the grass at JFK Park

Best place to people watch:

Newbury Street or any sporting event / sports bar

Top 3 favorite places to get drunk:

1. Bukowski Tavern in Inman Square for awesome beer selection, laid back bar vibes and the best vegetarian meatball sub in the world.

2. Middlesex Lounge in Central Square cause they have the best DJs, they treat us like family and we never leave on our feet.

3. Brent’s House. Ya heard!

Best bookstore:

Harvard Square Books, Million Year Picnic & Brookline Booksmith

Best boutique:

Stel’s and The Tannery for class, Bodega for cool

The secret entrance to Bodega…

Best coffeeshop:

Café Pomplona (my dad used to go here in the 70’s), Crema Café (best quiche around) & Diesel (check out the lesbians!)

Favorite place to take a girl out:

Three steps to waterfront seduction:

1. Soften heart at the sea lion tank outside The Aquarium

2. Lubricate with sushi & tequila at SushiTeq on the Patio of the Intercon Hotel.

3. Seal the deal on the floating dock underneath Seaport Blvd.

Favorite place to take out a visiting buddy:

Fenway Park or The Garden for a game!

The best place to see the sun come up:

Mass Ave bridge

Best club night:

Midweek Techno. Wednesdays at Phoenix Landing in Central Square.

One place you’d never catch me at:

Faneuil Hall on the weekends guy. Meathead central.

Best 3 hotels:

The Charles Hotel, The W (it’s new to Boston and a serious symbol of change) and the Chandler Inn.

My favorite hometown hero is…

Larry Bird, Bobby Brown and Caril Mitro

One place I wish they would fire bomb:

Rumor nightclub: the ultimate symbol of terrible Boston nightlife.

I can’t believe I made this flyer – Eli

Favorite local band/DJ/artist:

DJ Kon, DJ Bruno, Sergio Santos, Bad Rabbits (Band), Tanner Ross, Matty Dimond, Paul Foley, Inkognito aka DJ Cherry, DJ 7L, The Redfoxx, DJ Nightrain

The legendary DJ Nightrain laying it down on the wheels of air…

The local cops are: LAPD, Mayberry, Hazzard County or Law & Order?

All of the above

Best night of the week to go out:


Worst night of the week to go out:

Saturdays (except to go see DJ Kon at Middlesex which is actually the best, but get there early if you don’t like waiting in line)

Favorite secret walk or spot:

The Crystal Path

Best way to get around town:

The Pike, doood (That’s the Mass Pike for all non-Bostonians)

Favorite market and why:

Fresh Pond Market cause we put it on Eli’s mom’s tab

If you were Lost In a Supermarket, what aisle would we find you in?

Beer and/or breakfast cereal



thu     24.06.10     boston, usa     w/ ivan smagghe @ thunderdome


sat     03.07.10     geneva, ch     trop (beach party) @ lake geneva

sat     10.07.10     tokyo, jp     re:vogue @ warehouse 702

wed     14.07.10     ibiza, es     channel zoo @ gala night

fri     23.07.10     amsterdam, nl     the wolf + lamb experience @ studio 80

sat     24.07.10     london, uk     soul clap pres. @ t-bar

tue     27.07.10     london, uk     yoyoyo 90’s jam @ t-bar

fri     30.07.10     paris, fr     w. nicolas jaar live @ regine

sat     31.07.10     manchester, uk     w. zev / sankeys carnival @ sankeys


sun     01.08.10     ibiza, es     we love / burlington project @ space

sun     08.08.10     zabujeira, pt     sudoeste tmn festival

fri     27.08.10     hamburg, de     baalsaal


thu     16.09.10     ibiza, es     sands

sat     18.09.10     london, uk     fabric

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