16 Jun
Take a $73,000 Ducati and add plenty of carbon fiber

At World Ducati Week Bologna-based modifiers NCR debuted their “Millona 16″ street rocket, a modified version of Ducati’s $72,500 Desmosedici D16RR that’s been stripped down, lightened, made more powerful and hence significantly faster. A generous amount of carbon fiber has been used throughout, including the frame, swingarm, wheels, fuel tank, fairing, tail and fenders. Other mechanical parts are either titanium or ‘avionic grade’ aluminum, also contributing to the healthy weightloss. The stock 989cc V-four Ducati motor has been tuned by NCR to generate 200+ hps, an amazing output given its weight (319 lbs — 10 lbs lighter than the regulation 330 lb minimum of a four-cylinder competition MotoGP bike). No price has yet been announced, but when its manufacturers are already boasting it to be “the most exclusive motorcycle in the world”, one can bet the pricetag won’t be cheap.

via BikeEXIF

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