3 Jun
A bold look for summertime

Nothing says summertime like a collection of clothing from Freshjive. The company that helped pioneered California streewear continues their trend with a series of witty tees and bright shorts that embody the idea of Pacific laziness. Though I’ve heard that Freshjive will be heading in a much more mature direction, I’d like to believe it isn’t so considering there isn’t much in-your-face, brazen work being put out there these days — just a series of subtleties in the same color palette. Though some might call it vulgar (and oftentimes purposefully controversial), nobody would ever call FJ’s Summer 2010 line boring. This collection offers everything that summer stands for: skin bearing, heated, colorful, and unashamed. Plus, you gotta love that they’ve removed their logo from all pieces; more companies should follow that trend. Check out a few pieces from the line in the gallery below, and check out the rest of the collection up for sale at reserve.

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