Very similar to those Love Grenades that people went so bonkers about (but not so much like those USB Grenades), these Flower Grenades are the perfect gift for the secret cell guerilla gardener in your life. For those who don’t know, guerilla gardening is the growing urban passtime of taking over forgotten landscapes (vacant lots, dead park space, neglected roundabouts, etc) and turning them into bountiful, beautiful gardens. Awesome, right? Altho risky (and illegal, unbelievably) guerilla gardening is about as cool and worthy a pursuit in which you could involve yourself. But if you want to avoid the man coming down on you, just strap yourself with these flower grenades and toss them over a chain link fence — in just 3 weeks, you’ll see buttercups and poppies sprouting where once there was just cracked concrete and dirt. Pick up a 3-pack for $17 at Suck UK.

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