17 Jun
WolverKitty, Boba Kitty, Gundam Kitty, RoboKitty...what's there not to like?

These Hello Kitty Model Kits were designed by Stiletto Ninja, and they are absolutely bad ass. Although they claim to be a “model kit” I have my doubts — these kind of look like renderings. But really, who cares? If people didn’t lie on the internet what would be its point? Sharing actual, veritable information? Psssssh, who needs that crap…

More models, plus a look at the bare-boned kit, after the Jump…

One Response to “Hello Kitty Like You’ve Never Seen Kitty Before”

  1. joseph says:

    Just thought I should clear something up.
    These are illustrations made by me (Joseph Senior).
    I don’t want to seem petty but hey have nothing to do with “Stiletto-Ninja” who has copied them into her Flickr page.


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