10 Jun
The Ramsey Raincoat returns just in time to see the British lose

Since their beginnings in the 1930s Baracuta have become the patriarchs of English rainwear. This year, and with impeccable timing, the legendary company have decided to bring back a classic- the Ramsey Raincoat- which was created for the English National Team when they won their one and only World Cup over 40 years ago (take that, Germany). Though there are slight changes to the design the coat retains its classic shape, and comes in both taupe and black, each of them lined with red plaid and equipped with “Baracuta branded buttons”. The Ramsey Raincoat is named after the team’s manager of the same name, Sir Alfred Ramsey, who wore a Baracuta G9 the evening before England’s World Cup win in the 1960s. The new Ramsey will hopefully inspire the Brit’s to a second World Cup title…but, if it doesn’t, at least they’ll have something to keep the tears off their jerseys. Good luck fellas! And as for the spectators, we can show our support by shelling out £185.00 for Baracuta’s Ramsey remake. Get it here. And check out the sleek tags that comes with it after the Jump…

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