These beautiful designer chairs depicted above are deceiving. They may be less suitable for your kitchen, and more suitable for your daughter’s Barbie kitchen. Each chair is a 1/12 scale model created to make these infinitely collectible items more accessible to a design fan on a more limited budget. The design of each chair focuses on curves that fit the human body (or miniature human body) precisely, just as their full-size cousins do. Sure, maybe you can’t afford a real Eames lounge chair, Le Corbusier love seat or George Nelson marshmallow sofa, but at least you can get the mini version, arrange them just so on your desktop, and dream about the real thing. Either that or it would make a bad ass gift to your little girl. Now her Barbie can be living a lifestyle Mommy and Daddy can’t afford. The only downside is you make stupid Ken look like more of provider than you. Available for $145 each set.

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