23 Jun
Flying free in the California deserts

We brought you the unveiling of Falcon’s sophomore effort, the Kestrel, last month. While we got to see it run, the only thing the world saw was its sheer cosmetic beauty. Well the Kestrel is more than just a gorgeous showpiece, it’s also one helluva motorcycle (I wish I had video of the guy’s face who hijacked the bike for a surprise 20-minute run, he looked like Homer in that episode when he discovered beer). As they write in the description: “Falcon motorcycles are totally modern in execution and utility, but harken to an age when a bike was a metal machine, hot and dangerous, meant to be straddled, its mechanicals visible, leaving a tang in the nose and probably a drop on the ground to remind you that there was in fact something moving around inside which needed oil, but would give its best with a little careful attention.” Amen to that. See the Kestrel fly below…

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