11 Jun
Kibardindesign takes the digital watch from bulky to modern

Remember when we used to imagine what the years after 2001 would be like? Many ideas, I’m sure, didn’t come to fruition (i.e. flying cars, robot butlers, stun phasers, etc), but I’d imagine that the Sputnik watch is preciscely what people thought their wristwatches would one day look like. Sleek, clean, monochrome — this watch concept from the designer Vadim Kibardin, from Kibardindesign, reeks of futuristic potential, but the simplicity of its functions is what makes it modern as opposed to from another parallel dimension. The watch, which will come in up to 19 colors, keeps it classic by providing the digital time, date, and an alarm clock. Plus, the screen is an LCD while the strap is made from plastic and silicone. Although the Sputnik watch is considered a concept, it is up for pre-sale right now. If you’d like to take a step into the future, time in tow, then go here.

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