22 Jun
Finally, Estonia has an export

The Estonia-based Renard Motorcycles is more than just a CAD-rendered designer’s fantasy, it’s allegedly set for limited edition production. The bike features a composite carbon fiber monocoque chassis that houses the airbox, gas tank and oil reservoir in one, and is powered by a Moto Guzzi V2 engine. Comparisons to the Confederate Wraith are unavoidable, especially considering the appropriation of the Wraith’s headturning front forks. But now that Confederate are basically a shell of what they once were, maybe it’s time someone picked up blacked-out baton. If you’re gonna do that tho, Renard, give credit where credit is due — maybe name your first vehicle the Ghast or something. Capping production at 100 per year, the Baltic State company is aiming for a pricetag of about $90K each.

One more shot after the Jump…

via HellforLeather

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