23 Jun
Putting your trust in Stephen Dorff may not be the smartest move

Although a lot of people panned Marie Antoinette, I gotta say I kind of liked it. Sure it was flawed, but there are few filmmakers out there today who better master the art of mood and emotion with the simple play of lighting, ambiance, music and silence than Sofia Coppola. Both The Virgin Suicides and the Academy Award-winning Lost In Translation were meticulous executions of mood. Now writer/director returns with Somewhere, her new film set in contemporary Los Angeles. The film stars the always loathsome Stephen Dorff as a bad boy actor stumbling through a life of excess at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood (what a stretch), until he gets an unexpected visit from his 11-year-old daughter played by Elle Fanning. Let the introspection and life lessons begin. While I have to seriously question Coppola’s decision to cast Stephen Dorff, a guy that threw out a promising career by choosing the absolute worst craptacular movies of the 90s, you have to think that maybe dude’s had time to reflect on his life choices, and maybe he’ll pull out some of his personal angst and regret and deliver an extraordinary performance. Either that or he’ll stink up the screen worse than SFW (as if that were possible). Coppola better hope it’s the former, I don’t think she can afford many more bombs, the indie film world gets tougher every year…

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