30 Jun
Japan's space opera anime coming to live action film in December

That title above either gives you goosebumps like that revelation scene in Fight Club, or you just couldn’t care less (because you clearly don’t know what we’re talking about). There’s really no room for middle ground here. At the beginning of the year we posted the first trailer for Space Battleship Yamato, and this here’s the second. Oh my lord I cannot wait — I feel like a 12 year old girl who just heard they’re preparing a Twilight prequel trilogy, only this time taking place in an era with more shirtlessness for Robert Pattinson and that other really buff chick. Known to US audiences as the epic Star Blazers, the seminal Japanese cartoon was the first serial space opera and introduced an entire American generation to anime, and it was awesome. In this second trailer for the live action adaptation we see the origins of the Yamato, long rusting in dry deserts waiting to be resurrected. Not much else is revealed, but it’s enough to get the anime glands salivating. Space Battleship Yamato is aiming for a December 2010 release, although who knows if it’ll see US theater distribution. Guess we’ll see…

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