24 Jun
Add some meaning to your otherwise empty existence

This Tie Fighter Replica Helmet is just what you need to give a drop of meaning to your otherwise empty existence. Think about it: you’ve got that big presentation due in one hour, and you haven’t written a word of it. Anderson from the Ithaca office is on your back, saying your Powerpoint better kick some serious ass or Mr. Carter will not be pleased. And he says it all ominous-like, as if your supposed to be scared. So what do you do? Take a deep breathe, put on the Tie Fighter replica helmet and start running around your office, making “pew pew pew” sounds while knocking stuff off everyone’s desk. You end it with a swift pass by the conference room, where you deliver a solid tie fighter blast (aka slap across the forehead) to that jerk Anderson before retreating back to the safety of your cubicle. Not only will your little exhibition release some serious tension around the office, but it’ll take everyone’s mind off of the fact that your Powerpoint presentation was just a series of pics of Ana Beatriz Barros splashing around in a bikini. Pick up your very own for just $65.

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