11 Jun
Now, what exactly is a Batchel?

Well the concept of a batchel is actually quite simple: a satchel with a handle. Yes, it’s quite anticlimactic, but they are beautiful bags nonetheless. The Cambridge Satchel Company have released a series of multi-colored batchels — a large batch of batchels, if you will. The satchels are 15″ long, 4″ deep and made from leather which you can have custom embossed. In addition to the handle on the satchel — which as we all know, makes it a batchel — the bags have the option of backpack style straps so you can throw it on your back should the situation require. Each batchel is priced at $125, and as I mentioned come in nearly all the colors of the rainbow, including a black and tan color, allowing for the flamboyant and more subtly styled to accessorize as they please. Preview more styles in the gallery below.

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