Opening Ceremony and Pendleton Woolen Mills have combined to bring to the world the hippest picnic/camping blanket known to mankind. Yes, to the naked eye it may seem like an average wool blanket, but at closer examination the Yakima Camp Blnkt has got all the details to fulfill a hipster’s most potent picnic fantasies: it’s reversible — both sides featuring the tribal color palette the two companies developed together — and it comes with a strappy leather carrier to help you lift the blanket from your car to the beach, shaded wood or well placed bush…that is 5ft away from you (wool can get rather heavy). At $105 you can get your very own Pendleton Blnkt. The price may seem a bit steep, but consider the quality Pendleton provides and the fact that the wool material will serve you well in any season. If you’re interested, get the blanket, or blnkt, from Opening Ceremony.

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