Have you ever found yourself smuggling Korean nuclear plans over an armed border? Have you ever needed to manually transfer millions of Swiss Francs to Luxembourg, but didn’t have the proper luggage to do so? Have you ever been entrusted with the blueprints to secret ballistic warheads secured in a Sophia black market poker game, but were too worried about where to stash them? Well then Chinavasion’s Fingerprint Security Briefcase is the perfect briefcase for you. With a supple Nubuck leather exterior with buttery soft suede interior, this meticulously hand-stitched briefcase has the ultimate in security features: a fingerprint identity lock. Now you can safely transport whatever shady cargo you may have with no fear of it falling into enemy hands. No fear, that is, unless they chop off one of your fingers. But who’s gonna think of that? The fingerprint reader supports up to 12 different users and 2 administrators, and can store 2 different fingerprints for each user. But be aware: the fingerprint reader does need to be occasionally charged via USB, but the lithium-ion battery is good for about 600 scans. Get your James Bond on for $390.

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