23 Jun
Arguably the perfect pair of sunglasses

Quite simply, no matter how in-fashion or out-of-fashion they are, Ray-Ban Aviators will always be the definitive sunglasses for me. Oldmadman Mundt wore them when I was a nascent pup, and when I was rebelling from the fam I thought they were lame, and so I opted for big chunky Orange County surfer/skater glasses instead (we were all young and stupid once). Then when I grew up, and I wanted something more timeless, I bought my first pair of Ray-Ban Aviators in honor of the Old Madman. And my life has never been the same. Over the years I must have replaced those Aviators a good 1,000 times. And even if I go through a phase wearing other glasses (RIP recently lost Persol 714 “Steve McQueens” — you won’t be forgotten), I always return to my beloved Ray-Bans. For over 70 years Ray-Ban Aviator have ruled the Stoop of Cool, and there’s very little reason to change them. Unless, of course, you want to make their frames out of titanium. I’m cool with that — you want to make it 21st century and strengthen the frame while making them lighter,  it’s all good with me — just don’t fuck with the design. Pick up a pair for a very reasonable $165.

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  1. 80 says:

    i can’t argue with the Aviator, but for me, the absolute pinnacle of sunglasses was the Olympian.

    just like peter fonda in easy rider.

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