15 Jun
The peace-making t-shirts from Live as One

The concept behind Live As One tees is to spread the message of harmony on the backs of many, therefore spreading it throughout the world. The makers of the Live as One t-shirts put it this way: “It doesn’t take much to spread peace, and it takes even less to spread some kindness around. Simple things such as a smile go a long way. I do this because I enjoy design, and I enjoy using this medium as a way to help people start off with that smile, and hope we can move on from there.” Sure, combining t-shirts with the idea of peace is nothing new, but Live as One’s designs are so clean and simple they’re tough not to like. Each shirt is printed on American Apparel 2001 Fine Jersey and costs $17 — a small investment towards obtaining world peace, I think. If you’re a hippie at heart, support Live as One here, and check out their other designs after the Jump…

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