4 Jun
Anton García-Abril's "Truffle House" utilizes man, animal and nature to create a unique home

The cow isn’t where it started. It started with concrete being poured into the soil with hay masses inside. And then the baby calf started eating (designing) the interior of the house until it was empty and ready for furniture (and the calf was indeed no longer a calf, but a cow). After that, the home was furnished with many hides of cows and animals (kind of a slap to the face to that dedicated cow construction worker, if you ask me). This entire project, “Truffle House”, was inspired by Anton García-Abril of Ensamble Studio, and became a “compelling combination of human, animal, and natural resources”, merging a questionable side of art, an irrational side of architecture, and all sides of ridiculous experimentation. But when you combine it all together, it’s at least an incredibly unique process to homebuilding. The house is located in Costa da Morte, Spain, and by the looks of it, will not be a trend that will come to the U.S. It seems like they’re could have been a more convenient way to build a house that didn’t require a yearlong appetite, but at least you know that no one’s gonna bite your style.

Time lapse video of the process below, plus some explanatory graphics below that…

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