21 Jun
Buy a miniature Bugatti Veyron...for double the price of an actual Veyron

Wow, of all the retarded things you can purchase in this world this quite possibly has to be among the retardedest. This 15 pound (7 kgs) solid 24 carat gold and platinum model of a Bugatti Veyron will cost you approximately double what the actual $1.5 million supercar will cost you. Double. I wince at the idea of dropping $1.5 mill on a supercar, but I’ve driven the Veyron (and Grandsport, for that matter) and it is worth every last cent — even though you can run through a full tank of gas in under 13 minutes (true story). But a solid gold scale model replica of a Bugatti? For double the cost? Where’s Master P with his solid gold toilet when you need him most? Built by Stuart Hughes, the 1:18 scale model features 7.2 carats of single cut flawless diamonds, functional steering and operational hoods, which admittedly is pretty cool. But I don’t care that it took over 2 months to build, or that only 3 will be made, because that only means there are 2 other Russian oil oligarchs out there as stupid as I am.

One more interior detail shot after the Jump…

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