12 Jul
Ride a foldable bike in comfort, yet resist looking like a clown

There are a lot of foldable bikes entering the marketplace, which is certainly a great thing (such as the Strida SX and Mu Uno, for instance). The only problem with many is that they’re either very utilitarian and hideous, or they look cool but have such tiny components that riding them makes you feel like a Barnum & Bailey’s opening act. Such is not the case with the Barcelona Citizen Bike, a foldable cycle that combines classic styling with a consciously plush design and premium technology. With 20″ wheels, cushioned grips, cruiser saddle and a specially designed low, step-through alloy curved frame, the bike is as comfy as folding bikes get. The Barcelona Citizen Bike also features a 3-speed internal hub system drive, offering a smooth shifting and maintenance-free gear system compared to most conventional geared bikes. Get it for $394. And if you’re feeling daring, pick up the weaved basket accessory for $24.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Want this bike badly

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