23 Jul
The burlesque legend heats up for, then cools off with, Perrier

Kudos to Perrier for having the marketing balls to execute their latest campaign, titled Perrier Mansion with Dita Von Teese. I mean it doesn’t take Don Draper to realize pairing your product with someone as smoldering as von Teese is a surefire win, but the manner in which Perrier taps into her sensuality to promote their product…well done, gentlemen. I guess they’re not afraid of Focus On the Family, and controversy be damned. Crafted by advertising behemoth Ogilvy Paris, the campaign follows an anonymous gentleman (ostensibly you) as he arrives in a Porsche to an enormous mansion, whereupon he is greeted by a fur-bedecked Dita who invites you in to the mansion, and, well, adventures ensue.

Check out the trailer to the Perrier Mansion with Dita Von Teese campaign below, and hit the Jump for 3 much more entertaining videos… if you haven’t had enough Von Teese in your life today, that is…


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