Nothing riles me up more than paying $12 for a beer at a ballpark (as if the $25 in parking wasn’t enough), or $18 for a gin and tonic at a club. I could almost buy an entire bottle of Tanquerey for that amount — how could you possibly justify charging that much for a glass filled with ice? It’s bullshit. So when people get greedy, I get creative — and that’s when I reach for my Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer. Sure you could carry a flask, but sometimes you get patted down and you need to be a bit more crafty. Plus, the spandex anklet holds 6 mini liquor bottles, meaning you can bring in a lot more variety than your single-hooch flask. Do yourself a favor, and pick up the  Bootlegger Mini Liquor Bottle Ankle Concealer for $13. You’ll save your money back 5 fold on its first night out.

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