From the mouth of Los Angeles-based designer Dr. Romanelli himself:

“The DRx “DETONATION” collection consists primarily of reworked 1960’s military field shirts and G1’s. I went with an original button down shape and a classic cargo silhouette for the pants . The military tote bags and caps have a loose organic fit and all have mini stories worked into their design. I experimented with reconstructing some of the fatigues into biker jackets and tried flipping a vest without any filling. There is also a small portion of DRx cutnsew utilizing deadstock textiles inspired from vintage bodies I sourced pertaining to this era.”

A lot of pieces in the collection, a selection of which are included in the gallery below including a couple jackets, vest, a hat, and various pants and bags. The jacket reminds me a bit of that TK Garment tent jacket, but that’s a good thing. More drops from the same collection still in the pipeline, we’ll keep our eye out for them…

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  2. […] good doctor is hardly afraid of making an echoing statement. He picks up where he left off on the Detonation Collection‘s military tip with his upcoming Army vs Navy collection with standout Japanese label Head […]

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