16 Jul
100+ MPH 100+ mile range Brammo Empulse electric motorcycle

What was only the stuff of pipe dreams just a couple years ago has now become a reality. Electric motorcycles — long mocked due to their silent nature, which many riders find dangerously stealthy — have begun making serious head room. The all-electric TTxGP MotoGP in the Isle of Man last summer legitimized the platform, and slowly independent manufacturers have begun throwing their products into the marketplace (such as ZERO, whose electric dirtbikes could very well be the future of the sport). Oregan-based Brammo now releases their second bike, the Empulse, which builds on the strengths of their Enertia they debuted a few years ago. The Empulse introduces Brammo’s innovative Digital Drivetrain technology, a breakthrough which enables all three models of the Empulse to exceed 100mph for sustained periods. Depending on a rider’s needs, the three models have a range and price difference: the models 6.0, 8.0 and 10.0 have a range of 60, 80 and 100 miles respectively. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Empulse is that it actually looks like a street bike — it’s got a full-size frame, and cafe racer-like looks. Moreover, it’s also the first production electric motorcycle with water cooling. All three Empulse models will be available for purchase at select Best Buy stores starting in 2010, or you can pre-order your own here.


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  4. Ian Metcalf says:

    That’s great. An electric bike. I can’t see Harley Davidson making one anytime soon though.

  5. Tech says:

    A modern and efficient way to travel!

  6. my dream come true… an electric motorcycle! awesome!

  7. […] model that builds both from their first bike, the Enertia, and second bike, the Empulse (which we previously covered), resulting in the Empulse R. The new model has been vamped up using Integrated Electric […]

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