8 Jul
Graffiti/Animation/Filmmaker/Street Artist/Genius Blu's "Big Bang Big Boom"

I’ve been truly stunned by Blu‘s work before (gushed about his MUTO animation a couple years back), but this Big Bang Big Boom film takes things to an entirely new level. Can you even begin to imagine the amount of work that goes into one of these animations? His latest work is not only a 10 minute opus, a dizzying achievement in labor alone, but the imagination, design, animation skill and execution are absolutely mindblowing. I mean how the creatures crawl through pipes, morph, mate, consume each other and evolve? Bananas. I also dig how he’s incorporating more external objects into the animations, truly genius. So you want to make a little ghost character, wheatpaste it over a billboard and call yourself a street artist? That ain’t street art, Big Bang Big Boom is street art…

2 Responses to “From the Big Bang to Man’s Final Destruction…In Graffitimation Format”

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