13 Jul
Get shots you never could before with Joby's Gorillapod Magnetic

Even amateur photographers, if they want to elevate their craft, will frequently find themselves in need of a tripod. No, you can’t carry a 10-pound professional telescoping tripod everywhere you go, but you can make do with a more portable option that you can bust out under low light, when conditions force you to use a slower shutter speed. The problem with most small, portable tripods is they give you very little elevation, or are just too limited in positioning for your camera. Not so with Joby’s ingenious Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod. As shown above, the Gorillapod Magnetic’s magnetic feet can attach themselves onto any metal object, giving you great options for height and placement. Moreover, its more than two dozen leg joints can bend and rotate 360°, offering you amazing perspective options never available on a traditional portable tripod. Featuring high quality Japanese ABS plastic and durable German TPE grip rings, the slim-line quick-release clip stays connected to your digital camera (or mini video camera) at all times, and snaps into the Gorillapod for instant setup. Get yours for $25.

One more image of the Gorillapod Magnetic Tripod in action after the Jump…

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