16 Jul
Where all you pervs' Real Dolls were born

Now I’m not one to judge — seriously, my life’s messed up in ways that would make some people seek solace in the warm confines of prescription meds and a vacation at Arkham Asylum. And usually people that feel the greatest need to tsk tsk tsk others are the most twisted of all — like you know those senators that spearheaded anti-gay legislation, and then had to retire because they were A) soliciting gay love in a Minneapolis airport; and B) sent weirdo perv IMs to male interns? Minors, at that? Now that’s some messed up shit — why would you persecute the very same activities which you actively enjoy? How much do you hate yourself, guy? You don’t see me trying to ban videos of bad ass graffanimation or stop people from manufacturing Tie Fighter Replica Helmets, do you? Still, there are some activities I have to question. Case in point: should you find yourself frequently sticking your genitals into inanimate objects, and bestowing upon said object human feelings and emotions, it may be time to seriously question your life choices. Honestly, that’s what they make hookers for (male and female). I’m not questioning Matt McMullen, the artist that sculpts these sex dolls, guy is obviously talented — his work is like a more realistic, acrylic, female David. But those lonely souls out there popping out $6,000 to make slow and gentle love to a hunk of plastic? Albeit a very authentic looking, hot naked girl piece of plastic…? Like I said, there’s a reason prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Everybody, and I mean every body, needs to stick their wiener in something (or be stuck by a wiener), but try to make it a willing, consensual adult human, that’s all we ask…

Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.

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