A fresh offering from the esteemed Dalmore family of Scotches, the Isle of Jura distillery is located on the remote, culturally rich island of Jura. Just 7 miles wide and 30 miles long, the remote Jura has only one road, one hotel (which can be rented out) and one distillery, which in 2010 is celebrating its 200th anniversary. The island’s inhabitants, named “Diurachs” in Gaelic, number less than 200, but they take great pride in their scotch — and their finest vintage, Prophecy, launched late last year. “Meticulously crafted from a selection of the finest and rarest aged Jura single malt whiskies, Prophecy is a profoundly peated spirit. Peat smoke, fresh cinnamon and spicy sea spray lead the first assault. Finally the tarry bonfire notes slowly give way to hints of soft liquorice and nutmeg. Bottled in a traditional style without chill filtration to preserve the true character and deliver an authentic taste of 1938.” Much like the descriptively named Bruichladdich Peat Single Malt Whisky, the Isle of Jura Prophecy single malt is renowned for its heavy peat flavor, which some may find overbearing. Still, if the Islay flavor is what you’re looking for, pick up a bottle of Prophecy for about $75.

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