28 Jul
Return to days of innocent violance

In California we can’t just go into any local Quik-E-Mart and pick up a slingshot, but you can if you’re from Idaho (as I discovered last summer to much joy). I miss my slingshots: lining up a rack of fresh G.I. Joe figures on the wooden fence, fistful of metal BBs burning a hole in my pocket, and the trained eye of a black ops sniper all colluding to a day of destructive marksmanship. Nary a Duke nor a Zartan could escape certain beheading (I had a soft spot for Snake Eyes and Stormshadow, what can I say). If you want to relive those fuzzy summer days of misplaced violence, pick up the Laser Hawk Adjustable Slingshot, whatever action figures kids are playing with these days (Twilight? Justin Bieber? Spongebob?), and have at it. With fully adjustable wrist support and adjustable yoke, the tapered Laserhawk hyper velocity bands provide 30% more velocity than your run-in-the-mill wrist rocket — certain to knock poor little Edward’s head clean off. All this fun for about $10.

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