French retro helmet designer Les Atelier Ruby have long sold their helmets at Parisian boutique colette, but they have now premiered a new helmet project called “Costume“. Customize your very own helmet among 4,000 combinations, centered around their famous blue “colette” design. Seems like a good idea — most of their editions have been penned by their founder, Parisian Jerôme Coste, as well as a pantheon of top designers (Eley Kishimoto, Karl Lagerfeld and Martin Margiela — which we covered last summer — have all released unique limited editions for Ruby), but maybe it’s time to let you get in on the action. The two helmet styles Ruby makes are Pavillion and its derivative Belvedere, which comes with an articulated plastic windscreen. Both feature a carbon fiber shell, padded interior with genuine Nappa Lambskin borders, and metal Ruby emblem. While not as unique as Death Spray Custom’s “Brain Box” or as iconic as those Steve McQueen replica Bells, Les Atelier Ruby up the couture quotient for motorcycle safety. Of course it’ll cost you — the Costume will run you $775, but other styles below range from about $650 to $1,500 for Karl Lagerfeld’s black and white tweed edition. See a bevy of additional designs below.


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