15 Jul
New England Boat & Motor Co. aims to revive a more stately seafaring era

There’s more than a couple things that were better in the 1920s, and most of them had to do with design. Cars, suits, motorcycles, hats, pontoon planes, dames. About the only thing that wasn’t better was the technology and the dancing (have you seen how they danced in the 20’s?). If I had my druthers, I’d be driving around the Roaring Twenties NYC in a 1934 Alfa Romeo 6c (with modern Audi guts), dressed in shoes and fine tailored suits from the 60s whilst communicating with my summer house on the moon via my iPhone XX. Now that would be a perfect world. Well Mark Mason is doing his part. As founder of the Laconia, New Hampshire-based New England Boat & Motor Co. Mason is bringing back the 1920s era of seafaring with a new fleet of beautifully crafted mahogany “gentleman’s racer” speedboats. As originals grow ever more rare and expensive, Mason has decided to build 3 27-foot replicas — some sportier, some statelier, depending on what you’re after — for $395,000 a piece. The Impshi, Hornet and Palm Beach Days aren’t just pretty toys to tan topless on, however, they’re also real machines: the Palm Beach Days comes equipped with a 548 cubic inch GM V8, boasting a top speed of 70 mph. Take that, Clooney.

via Luxist

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