2 Jul
The classic Corvette gets a revamp

Custom coach-builders Rossi Motors introduce their SixtySix, a 1966 Corvette Stingray homage built around a completely modern Corvette C6 chassis. Founder David Rossi explains, “we’re designers who choose to make cars we fall in love with. Cars that our friends and enthusiasts can enjoy for years to come and that get better with age.” Sure the retro trend has been around for more than a minute now, but there have been some nicely executed throwbacks (the Dodge Challenger being a personal favorite), so it is noteworthy that Chevrolet still hasn’t tapped that well with its halo sports car. This leaves the market open, and Rossi is jumping in with a very well designed, striking revision of that iconic profile. Powered by a 450 bhp V8, the limited edition SixtySix is golden era looks combined with 21st century performance.

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  1. jeffgrau says:

    I wonder if someone should tell them it’s a 63 not a 66 that they were pulling their design cues from. 63 was the only year that had the split window.

  2. Huntergreen says:

    I agree with Jeff…although the hood is from a 1967, so if you take the 80% or the car that it pulled from 1963 & the 20% that is from 1967 then you get 100% SixtySix. Simple math!

  3. Uncietom says:

    I would trade it even for a 63.

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