Shepard Fairey’s Mr. Spray character, created in 2004, is being manifested in real life in vinyl figure form. Seeing as he’s a giant spray can, and his entire raison d’être is to spray his essence onto walls and landscapes indiscriminately, you know he’s not coming solo. Hence, Mr. Spray’s coming strapped with a mini OBEY  stencil just to remind everyone who’s boss (that would be Andre the Giant, duh). Packaged in an illustrated card box and featuring 4 points of articulation, Mr. Spray will be available in 4 different colors: Black, Red, Gold and Silver. The Red and Black editions will be limited to 350 pieces and sold in specialty boutiques worldwide, as well as via Strangeco. The Gold “OBEY special edition” Mr. Spray will be limited to 200 pieces, and only 100 of the Silver will be made, available at the San Diego Comic Con in a couple weeks (as well as Strangeco). Get your vinyl figure on and worship at the house of OBEY for only $85.

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