30 Jul
Street artist Specter gives some love to the American worker

We love our shopping carts here at LIAS, not just cos it’s our logo but simply because of their inherent symbolism. Whether they’re smashed up, brand new and shiny, discarded in a gutter, re-purposed into hobo RVs, dipped in gold or bent into furniture, there is a universal code that those 4 crazy wheels and running cage trigger. Unurth found several shopping cart sculptures that have hit New York recently, the work of street artist Specter. As Specter himself describes, “The four pieces are specifically aimed at street workers to honor the art in their work and themselves. Placing the sculptures in parks, squares and underpasses that are crossroads for the general public and street workers allows viewers to celebrate the worker’s elegance and determination.” As Unurth so astutely deduces, the placing of these carts on plinths also suggest a future when these workers (and carts) are nothing but relics of history. In America, that may ring all too close to home for some…

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