1 Jul
Fulfill all your wino needs at the push of 4 buttons

If you want to upgrade from the Franzia boxed-wine set, you now have your solution — for people who really love to get their wine on, the Skybar One is the ideal kitchen gadget. A paired down, one-bottle version of the Skybar Wine Preservation & Optimization System (which holds 3 bottles), the Skybar One performs a series of functions all at the press of a button. The Skybar One A) chills your wine to the ideal temperature (based on 15 preset wine varietals), B) pours one glass at a time (no need to remove bottle or re-cork), C) uses Natural Vacuum technology to preserve freshness for up to 10 days, and D) displays your wine with ambient LED lighting. Oenologists can get all that for only $400.

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