27 Jul
The director of 300 and Watchmen goes for the celluloid hat trick

Saw the trailer to Sucker Punch at Comic Con this past week and boy does it look like a doozy. Not only have you got Madman’s Holy Movie Trinity involved (samurais, dragons, machine gun-toting females), but it’s actually directed by very capable hands. I am a legitimate fan of Zack Snyder’s, who I had hoped after 300 wasn’t just a one-hit wonder. When Snyder aimed to film the “unfilmable” Watchmen graphic novel, I was paradoxically anxious and excited — but after seeing it opening weekend, I am firmly in the pro-Watchmen camp (I have heard valid counter arguments to Watchmen, but I respectfully and strongly disagree). Not much has been revealed about Sucker Punch yet, other than much of it takes place in a young girl’s dreamworld, but expect plenty of Zack Snyder goodness: signature slow-mo/sped up action sequences, highly detailed sets and beautifully rendered design. I cannot wait…

UPDATE: As you know, Sucker Punch is out so the wait is finally over — and we’ve reviewed it. TWICE. When Miss Madeleine saw it, she called it an empty mess of a film. However that’s not the entire tale — as flawed and inconsistent as it was Madman Mundt argued that you’d be a fool to miss seeing it in theaters in full cinematic glory. Read both reviews, tell us which you agree with — Miss M or Madman Mundt…

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  1. sir jorge says:

    i can’t wait for this to hit screens

  2. www.watches-replica1.com says:

    It is a horrible movies

  3. Scipio says:

    Buts nots as’ horribles as’ yours grammars.

  4. Billy says:

    It’s not a hat trick because 300 was the biggest POS pointless movie ever.

  5. Billy says:

    Sorry, what I meant to say was; I’m the biggest POS ever roflz!

  6. Anon says:

    Good director and a good trailer. Me and my friends are looking forward to watching it.
    P.S. the Watchmen movie was terrible. I understand you like the guy and all, but he honestly shouldn’t have tackled it. If you’ve read the graphic novel and saw every story point and all the underlying plots, and all the other shit that was crammed into that novel, then you should understand.

  7. Madman Mundt says:

    I’d have to gracefully disagree with you Anon. I LOVED the graphic novel and think it is/was a very difficult text to tackle, for sure, and impossible to juggle every story line as u mention. But I think it captured the soul of the story really well, and moreover the characters amazingly well – Rorsharch could not have been any better cast. Plus, the voiceovers – being the work of Alan Moore – made most comic book movie voiceovers sound juvenile in comparison. The second half of the movie faltered and got convoluted, but all in all I think Watchmen was a very good film

    To each his own tho! It’s not like we’re talking about Fantastic Four here, its really up to the viewer. I can see why some people hate it, but I really liked it…

  8. taiwo lawal says:

    This movie will be a bang, I can wait to watch it.

  9. Looks crazy as hell, but I’ll probably see it.

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