9 Jul
The Boxsal 100% compostable cardboard picnic box

You know how sometimes your girl’s all mad at you cos you never come up with any interesting girly stuff to do with her? Take this to the bank: girls love picnics. Sure, you could eat at home in the comfort of your own table and/or couch, or around the bar of your favorite sushi restaurant — but that would be too easy. If you really want to make a girl feel special make her eat outside somewhere, as far from the obvious comforts of civilization as possible. Sound irrational? Sure it is, but don’t question it — just accept it and do her bidding. And when you’re on one of these missions, isn’t it best to do it in a stylish manner? Enter the Boxsal cardboard picnic box. Produced locally with environmentally friendly cardboard and ink, Boxsal comes in three distinct styles depending on your specific mission at hand: Urban Picnic, Today’s Date, and Office Escape (above). Each one comes with an Eatin’ Tool set that includes 4 Compostable trays, 4 Compostable large bowls, 4 Compostable small bowls, 4 Compostable utensil sets, 4 Compostable cold cups, 8 Recycled napkins and 1 Compostable trash bag. In case you missed it, everything inside the box is 100% compostable. Pick one up for $35 each, and throw in $10 more for each extra Eatin’ Tool set. Sure it won’t keep you free of bugs or grass stains on your new seersucker shorts, but at least you might get some outdoor loving.

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