27 Jul
Now only half as hideous...but it can still fly

Remember that Terrafugia Flying Car we talked about last summer? They promised it was more than wistful ambitions and barely functioning proof of concepts, hoping to enter production as early as this year. Well apparently they’re one step closer, finally releasing the production version of their Transition Flying Car, which they’ve given a significant facelift. Good thing — the old version looked something like a 1970s Cessna with reversed wings smashed into the shape of an old AMC Gremlin. Yikes. The new ones no beauty queen but its sufficiently more pleasing to the eye, a paramount improvement if its to be aimed at the luxury, gotta-have-every-toy market. The new Terrafugia Transition Flying Car has a streamlined cockpit (first images of the interior available below), simpler window setup and cleaner, more linear headlights. It can still allegedly fly at 115 mph but has a slightly increased range of 490 miles, with a 35 mpg fuel efficiency. Reserve yours now with a $10,000 airframe reservation deposit here.

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