6 Jul
Whipahol combines the best in life...in whip cream format

Combining all the fun of a whippit with the boozey goodness of alcohol, Whipahol Whipped Lightning is the world’s first alcohol-infused whipped cream. The idea is so simple, I’m surprised no ones come up with it before. Whipped Lightning takes real flavored cream and injects it with alcohol and compressed air, allowing you to jazz up deserts, coffee-based drinks, etc with delicious drunkiness. The 36.5 proof cream comes in nine flavors, including Tropical Passion, Spiced Vanilla, Strawberry Colada, Amaretto and Coconut. About $10/can.

9 Responses to “What Do You Get When You Combine a Whippit With Pure Alcohol?”

  1. Ryan says:

    Wow. Get drunk from a cupcake. Perfect for finger foods at a party.

  2. Bruno says:

    Haa, I can getting naughty and drunk at the same time…yummy delicious!!

  3. Andy says:

    I’ve had this already! It’s pretty good but a little stronger than you think. They have it in orange and I mix it with orange soda, Triple Sec, and whipped cream flavored vodka…very good

  4. lmao are they really referring to these as whippits?

  5. funny stuff where do people find the time to come up with these ideas lol

  6. ole says:

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  7. OK, I’m calling it. Who ever came up with this was stoned off their ass!

    Half Baked Potatoes

  8. sorry to disagree, but this is no way the first product of its kind like this, we have been buying stuff like this at our liquor store for a few years and there are a ton of different brands out, most big liquor store chains carry them, they are usually just in really odd places

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