30 Aug
Moutai's "Red Diamond" battles counterfeiting with most secure liquor ever

When no one outside of your country buys your liquor, what’s the best solution? If you’re Chinese premium liquor company Moutai, you create a sub-brand called Red Diamond and you charge $20,000 a bottle — and that’s to increase interest. While there are all sorts of stupid rich people in this world, this seems like a ludicrous marketing strategy. As of now, nobody really buys premium Chinese spirits, called baijiu, so I don’t think if you start charging an exorbitant price people will start lining up to purchase said alcohol. How good could it possibly taste? What’s more, a large chunk of the cost goes into anti-counterfeit measures. How do you like that — China finally getting a taste of its own sour bootlegging medicine. Each bottle of Red Diamond will have a unique serial number, and will be packaged in special locked boxes which can only be opened after calling a dedicated hotline to retrieve the password. Now that’s security. To further discourage counterfeiting, the liquor will only be sold through direct channels. Who knows if the strategy will work, you can protect liquor with a platoon of Navy SEALS and locked in Fort Knox, that’s not gonna make anyone want to drink your alcohol. Still, it is ironic to see a Chinese company forced to go to such measures to protect against bootlegging…

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