When you take that special someone out to the rolling green meadows to have a pleasant picnic, why make your little dumpling sit on grass and stain her summer dress? What kind of animal are you? Why not bring this briefcase, which folds out into a fullsize wooden picnic table. Made of a strong aluminum alloy frame, the portable folding picnic table seats four (up to 240 lbs each seat — you’re outta luck, Minnesota!), is sturdy and lightweight (22lbs.), and includes a zippered canvas protective case. Best of all, no tools required for easy set-up. Pick it up for $149.

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  1. Fnork says:


    I’m french and when i was little (early 90’s) my dad had exactly the same, in aluminium & green plastic.
    This is old, very old, and $150 is, i think, a little expensive for a 20 year old furniture.

  2. Jim says:

    wow that is an old design. They have been around since the 60s, or longer.

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