20 Aug
Because We Love You, vol 16: Annika Stenvall in Playboy France

We like to keep it classy here at Lost In a Supermarket, and what could be classier than action figures attacking a hot naked chick? For the latest in our beloved Because We Love You series, we bring you Annika Stenvall posing for Playboy France, whilst being invaded by action figures. Need we really say more? Enjoy the NSFW gallery after the Jump, because lord knows we shouldn’t have nudity on the main page…

Hit the Jump for an NSFW gallery of Annika Stenvall being invaded by action figures…

2 Responses to “Action Figures Attack Naked Girl!”

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  2. […] stand over his blood-soaked body and blow smoke in his face. What, you wanted Teddy Bears and action figures? Psssssh…you obviously don’t know Naomi — homegirl is always aiming for the sky. Dare […]

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