Most bikes look good as clean and accessory-free as possible, but there are times when you absolutely must carry stuff with you. Sure you could rock a basket, but do you really need that humiliation in your life? That’s where Brooks handlebar bags come in handy. Offered as far back as in their 1890 catalogue, the timeless ‘Cornwall’ (above) has been designed with great attention to both function and style. Made from water-resistant cotton canvas, the bag features a waterproof map case attached to its top via six replaceable bicycle spokes. The fine leather-trimmed bag is easily secured to the handlebar with the aluminum Arkel clamps, and can be easily released as well. Best part is that once removed, the Cornwall can be carried over the shoulder thanks to a detachable strap. Classy and functional. Of course all that class will cost you, with a pricetag of about $385 (295 €).

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