Jay-Z and Nike have teamed up to create these 5 pairs of all black sneakers to celebrate the inaugural World Basketball Festival in New York City. Dubbed the “All Black Everything” HOVs, each unique pair corresponds to one of the nations taking part in the festival (Brazil, Puerto Rico, France, China and USA), and are being auctioned on eBay as we type.  The auction ends in two days — Sunday night, August 22, at 9:00 a.m. EDT —and 100% of the funds raised will support the Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation, which raises money to provide collegiate financial assistance to promising individuals. Sure, they’re not the best looking shoes on earth but they ain’t bad either — you can rarely go wrong with all black sneaks. The best part, however, is there are only two pairs of each shoe on Earth — the ones for auction, and the 5 pairs made strictly for Jay-Z. So if you manage to hook up a pair, you and Jigga Man will be the only people on Earth to have them. So in that way, you’ll be exactly like Jay-Z. While the American edition is at $3,600, Puerto Rico remains around $1,600. Guess there aren’t that many sneaker heads, or Jay-Z fans, in Puerto Rico?

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