3 Aug
Black Tot "Last Consignment" Royal Naval Rum

On July 31st 1970, a 300 year old Naval tradition ended when the last rum ratio was issued aboard ships of the British Royal Navy – a day to be forever remembered as Black Tot Day. (Original Royal Navy records confirm that the rum used for the rum ration was most likely imported from the West Indies in oak casks since 1784.) I don’t know what’s harder to imagine, that the government supplied the Royal Navy with rum for 300 years or that they one day decided to stop doing so. Regardless, since that sad day in July 40 years ago, the last of the Royal Naval Rum has sat in wicker clad stone flagons and transferred to HM bonded warehouses where it has laid undisturbed, being only drawn upon for use in State Occasions and Royal Weddings. Until now. Bottled from the Last Consignment of stock of Royal Naval Rum, this vintage spirit is a true piece of rum (and naval) history. Although for the price, and is available for around $950 (£600), you better be a history or rum buff to even consider a bottle. Packaged in a bespoke wooden box along with a book, each bottle comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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