The saddest aspect of GM’s burying the Pontiac badge last year was surely the end of the proud Firebird lineage. After all its predecessor, the GTO, was the first muscle car ever made — the brainchild of Pontiac chief engineer John DeLorean when he had the epiphany of stuffing a Pontiac Bonneville’s V8 engine into a much smaller Pontiac Tempest. And in so doing, Pontiac ushered in the days of American Muscle dominance. And as muscle cars boomed the Firebird launched from the GTO, peaking in the late 70’s with its ultimate iteration — that gorgeous, huge shouldered 6.2 liter TransAm that made the Bandit such a worldwide phenomenon. That was a personal all time favorite — a huge, gas guzzling monster that declared war on the competition with a huge golden phoenix (aka screaming chicken) brashly plastered across its hood. Lucky for other Firebird enthusiasts, some out there aren’t happy about GM lowering the guillotine on their favorite muscle car, and hence are coming out with their own retro re-imaginings of the TransAm. Enter FireBreather, a $60,000 vision of what could possibly be a 2011 Firebird. Born from a sci-fi flick titled Jinn, the car was built by the film’s producers — the Michigan-based Exodus Pictures film studio — collaborating with Classic Design Concepts from Novi, Michigan. The film’s writer and director Ajmal Ahmad designed the FireBreather, which is based off a standard Chevrolet Camaro SS and its supercharged 6.2L V8 (pumping 599 horsepower to its rear tires). Performance-wise, CDC outfitted the FireBreather with an Elbach Pro-Plus Performance handling package, while also giving the modern day muscle car a new front and rear fasica, hood, custom interior and custom 20-inch wheels with Pirelli PZero Rosso tires. The highly exclusive FireBreather will be limited to 50 individually numbered vehicles, so act quick and place your order here if you want to relive the Glory Days of Pontiac.

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