2 Aug
Cornucopia Food Printer here to make your day a whole lot easier

Tired of going grocery shopping? Don’t you wish you could just print your food out? Well you’re in luck. MIT Media Lab grad students Amit Zoran and Marcelo Coelho have developed the Cornucopia, a digital cooking device that may one day be used to produce all the food we eat. The “personal food factory” aims to bring the tools we use to make food up to date with technology. The Virtuoso Mixer mixes the ingredients you keep in your kitchen together while the Robotic Chef handles the physical and chemical transformation of the compounds. The Digital Fabricator then ties everything together by “printing” an aesthetically pleasing meal onto a serving tray. Not only is this product not yet available, but we’re not even sure how it could work — can it also print graffiti? Who knows, but the idea of printing out some Drunken Noodles with a side of Korean short ribs sure sounds appealing.

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