30 Aug
Tame the skies with Waco YMF's Super Biplanes

Is there any plane remotely as cool as a biplane, or really any old school WWI plane? No wonder Snoopy was obsessed with his Sopwith Camel, those planes just kicked ass. Waco Classic Aircraft hopes to revive those glory days of aviation with two new open-cockpit biplanes that have all the looks of the classic planes, but are updated with state-of-the-art mechanics and electronics to make sure you stay in the air. The two planes, the YMF-5D Super and the YMF-5C Barnstormer Edition, are hand built to order in Battle Creek, Michigan and feature a modern computerized instrument panel with GPS, a 4130 steel fuselage frame, lockable baggage compartment, steerable tail wheel, shock spring landing gear, adjustable pilot seat and a dual flight control system. The top of the line 300 horsepower YMF-5D Super starts at $395,500, while its more affordable cousin the 275hp YMF-5C Barnstormer Edition starts at $329,500. That’s less than stocked Bentley Supersport, and you get to fly.

via Robb Report

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