20 Aug
Tom Scott's witty middle finger to questionable journalism

Ever wonder why the Man feels compelled to warn us with labels about content involving sex, violence, strong language or just plain boobies, but doesn’t warn us about sloppy journalism or other questionable content? Why is it I have to be warned about a cop show where they say dick or fuck, but any tool with WordPress can write an expose on how Obama was not only born in Kenya, but he’s also a secret cell fundamentalist Muslim set to destroy the American fabric via socializing medicine? Or not quite as nefarious, but equally heinous, any dude with a “luxury” blog who wants a free night at the Radisson saying every hotel from Butte to Oxnard is the ultimate experience in bootlicking opulence. Suck it, PR slave. I’m on board with Tom Scott, who figured it was time for someone to do something about the content-less drivel and error filled tirades and invented labels that warn of poor writing. There are multiple labels for you to play around with, and you can actually print them out here for free. Too bad we can’t stick them on websites to warn others like a universal Facebook “Bullshit” button, then Scott would really be onto something…

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